Little Anjola Celebrates 7th birthday at the Kids Beach Garden

It was indeed a dose of fun for Anjola who hosted her friends and family at the Kids Beach garden to celebrate her 7th birthday.

Filled with so much gaiety, they all wined, relaxed and basked in the cool Saturday weather throwing all caution to the wind. Their excitement brewed with so much fanfare as they littered the beach sands with their toys, and searched for treasures. As each moment streamed with bursts of happiness, some kids were on the trampoline jumping with ecstatic vim.

The boys resorted to kicking zorb balls within the inflatable playing apparatus as some girls also joined the fun. There were also horse riding experiences as virtually every kid craved for their respective turn. With enough to eat and drink, the fun seemed unending and volunteer force memers of the Kids Beach Garden were on ground to add more spice to Anjola’s birthday.

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