The management of the Kids Beach Garden in collaboration with the Elegushi Private Beach has slated its last general cleanup for the year on October 28, 2017.
The cleanup exercise is expected to cover the entire breadth of the Kids Beach Garden and spanning to areas covered by the Elegushi Private Beach.
Over five hundred volunteers are expected to participate in the exercise which will kick off at 7.00am and end 11.00am.

While briefing the press, the Founder of the Kids Beach Garden; Miss Doyinsola Ogunye, reiterated the need to safeguard aquatic life by caring for the environment.
‘Our environment is top priority and it is our collective responsibility to curtail the menace of plastics taking the place of species that thrive in the ocean. The need for the proper management of plastic waste birthed the kids for clean seas campaign which has a target population of ten thousand five hundred pupils in sixteen public schools located in Eti-Osa Local Government Area in Lagos State’. ‘By so doing, we intend inculcating an attitudinal change towards waste management and environmental protection of shorelines among kids at this stage of their lives’.


Speaking further, she noted that a reduction in the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators will help enhance the economic value created from recyclable waste. She added that this initiative could elicit spin offs in the creation of jobs for youth in Eti Osa Local Government.

She said: We all can create value from recyclable waste if and only if the future generation becomes environmentally responsible. It is against this backdrop that we on our path, have always urged relevant stakeholders to create avenues for environmental awareness so as to contribute to a greener Lagos.

Finally, she urged everyone to see the initiative not as a noble call to salvage the Kids Beach Garden but rather, as one meant to revive the fortunes of our ailing environment. Thus, she enjoined Lagosians to come out en masse and make the occasion a successful one.


While lauding the initiative, the CEO of Nike Art Gallery; Nike Davies-Okundaye, also maintained that it was important to safeguard the environment as it was key to the survival of every living organism. She further enthused that it would have been of great value to the society if those who bear the brunt of an unkempt environment possess the right mentality about safeguarding their environment.

The Manager of Paragon Holdings; Mr Obi xxx also expressed his utmost pleasure at this initiative, stating that the company was willing to extend its hands of solidarity as a volunteer as well.

The exercise will be followed up by the planting of trees to make the beach environment greener for all and sundry. Volunteers were also enjoined to come with rakes and any other tool necessary for the exercise to be an eventful one.

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