KIDS CLEAN CLUB is an expression of The Mental and Environmental Development Initiative for Children –MEDIC (CAC/IT/NO 48306) a non‐governmental and pro-human organization that aims at a total positive transformation and development of the child

What WE Do

There are three ways in which Kids Clean Club impacts the lives of the kids and these are:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Environmental
  •  put into it to make it a success story.


Physical Development entails programmes that help to improve and promote physical hygienic practices such as

  • Hand washing
  • Dental & body care seminars
  • Health care seminars


Mental Development involves building the intellectual aspect of a child’s life through events that motivates and improves their educational abilities such as their spoken and written English, creative  arts, choreography, learning of impactful songs, awareness creation of the club on radio, educational seminars about Nigeria, Africa, the world, coastal areas, botanical names of plants, tourism etc. It also involves the following;

  • I love Nigeria events
  • October 1st Independence day event
  • Daily write up of their experiences in their experience book
  • Visits to art galleries, beach resorts, shopping malls
  • Simple etiquette trainings
  • Recycle ‘N’ Win – This is an event that is geared towards sensitizing kids in the neighbourhoods whereby children bring recyclable materials such as PET bottles, HDPE bottles, flip flops, aluminium cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles etc to win gift prizes. A weekly raffle ticket is drawn and the lucky winners get to take home gift prizes. Also, the children get to be trained on the acts and benefits of recycling. It is also a means of encouraging the public to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle waste through educational materials. Participants are taught to be more responsible towards recyclable materials, support a global culture of recycling and contribute to a greener Nigeria.
  • The 50k tree planting campaign – This is an initiative of the Kids Clean Club with support from the Lagos state government. It is a campaign that involves planting of 50,000 trees in which 10,000 trees are planted in each zone of Lagos state. It has already been flagged off at the Kids Beach Garden at the Regal Seaview beach, Eti-osa local government area and so many others have been planted by the kids. Although it is a continuous work in progress, so much has been


Environmental Development is an integral aspect of the Kids Clean Club Programme which is a way of contributing positively to the environment. It is a way of creating awareness amongst children, about the effects of pollution and global warming, and how they can make a change in their environment by focusing on Recycling and Tree Planting and also influencing a change in the home, school, religious institutions and the general public. The environmental development activities involve;

  • Environmental Sanitation Celebration (ESC) – This is a monthly event that is carried out by both young and old. It holds every 3rd Saturday of the month. It is a time to clean, learn and have fun while carrying out an activity.
  • International Coastal Clean-up Day– It is an annual international event carried out globally by so many countries and Kids Clean Club hosted the first of its kind in Nigeria. It takes on the 3rd Saturday of the month of September and it is basically dedicated to cleaning up water bodies and the coastline, while also preserving the freshness and coolness of the aquatic community.