Contribute to a sustainable environment by planting a tree

The festive period is here again as we approach the middle of November.
We always want you to savor every experience at the Kids Beach Garden and that is why we endeavor to provide our guests with an enabling environment.
The ambiance at the beach fills you with reminiscences. What about the peaceful atmosphere that infuses nature’s tranquility in your heart?

Celebrating A Green Festive Period
The last quarter of the year is the period when people often go on vacation the most. There is always an engagement or the other to attend and before you know it, your actions may be doing more harm to the environment.
Remember that everything we do at the Kids Beach Garden is aimed at promoting sustainability. So how can you contribute your own quota towards making the environment eco-friendly this festive period? Here are some basic tips to follow:

1. REDUCE SINGE USE PLASTICS: Get a reusable bag and make it your companion whenever you want to go shopping. Rejects the nylons and tell others about the environmental gospel. Purchase boxes instead of bottles that can only be used once. Reject the plastic straws and you will become an environmental royalty!

2. USE LED LIGHTS: They are Light Emitting Diodes that uses 80% energy and lasts 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Surprised? Try laying your hands on them and you will be glad you did!

3. LIMIT LIGHTING: When you learn to reduce the rate at which you use light, you are saving energy. Try and save power whenever you think it is necessary. Your Christmas tree can even provide you with some rays whenever you are alone.

4. SEND E-CARDS: Guess we are all used to buying Christmas cards at the supermarket. Why not save the paper and art drawings by using your e-mail to send your Christmas wishes? By so doing, you are reducing your carbon footprint since it eliminates the fuel used for relaying standard mail.

5. SHOP ONLINE: Think of how much you spend to fuel your car in a week? By shopping online and letting others deliver the gifts, you will be conserving energy and the environment will be glad you did!

6. GREEN GIFTS ARE BETTER: Buy me a bicycle instead of a motorcycle! Sounds awkward but the former is quite green. If you do not know who to give the freebie, kindly give one to us by adopting a tree at the Kids beach garden.

7. ECO-FRIENDLY GIFT WRAPPINGS: Buy gift wrap made from recycled materials. Recycling your gift wraps shows how environmentally conscious you are!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start the green celebration and remember to spread the love at all times.

Tolani Kadiri

Head of Programmes,
MEDIC, Nigeria

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